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Getting ready to take the Veterinary Technician National Examination?

Need some extra practice?

Want a practice test that tells you why your answers are right or wrong?

VTNEPrep can help!

VTNEPrep contains over 750 questions, each designed to simulate the exam experience, each paired with an explanation to reinforce and expand your veterinary knowledge, each written and edited by experts in veterinary medicine. 


Course Contents:

  1. Pharmacy & Pharmacology
  2. Animal Care and Nursing
  3. Surgical Prep. & Assisting
  4. Diagnostic Imaging
  5. Laboratory Procedures
  6. Anesthesia and Analgesia
  7. Dentistry

Why wait? Start studying today! Ace Your Exam

VTNEPrep will give you the tools you need to ace the exam that we offer a 100% Pass Guarantee.

VTNEPrep provides you with three months of 24/7 access to three ways to prepare:

Study Mode: Go through our hundreds of questions at your leisure, or focus on just the categories you need to review, review the explanations and internalize knowledge

Practice Test: This is it. The 4-hour, 225 question VTNE simulation. See how ready you are. Find out what you need to work on.

Quick Quiz: Just have a few minutes? Keep up your preparations with just a few practice questions any time.


VTNEPrep, like all TestConquest products, has a 100% Pass Guarantee.


$39.00 USD

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